Poland Spring Brand 100% Natural Spring Water - 23.7 fl oz Bottle

Poland Spring Brand 100% Natural Spring Water - 23.7 fl oz Bottle

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Don't just drink water – drink refreshing, crisp water pulled from natural Maine springs that only come from Poland Spring Brand Natural Spring Water. This bottle is perfectly sized so you can enjoy one cold glass after another. The water contains naturally occurring minerals, which gives it such hydrating components and a refreshing, rejuvenating taste.


    Poland Spring is a brand of bottled water manufactured in Poland, Maine. It is a subsidiary of Nestlé and sold in the United States.[1] The spring was founded in 1845 by Hiram Ricker in the town of Alfred, Maine. Today the water is derived from multiple sources in the state of Maine including Poland Spring and Garden Spring in Poland, Maine, Clear Spring in Hollis, Evergreen Spring in Fryeburg, Spruce Spring in Pierce Pond Township, White Cedar Spring in Dallas Plantation, and Bradbury Spring in Kingfield. Poland Spring was the top-selling spring water brand in America in 2006. In 2007, the Poland Spring brand adopted a bottle using 30% less plastic, as did the other Nestlé Waters North America brands.


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