Heineken 6 pack, 12 fl oz cans

Heineken 6 pack, 12 fl oz cans

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Heineken is a full - bodied premium lager beer with deep golden color , a mild bitter taste and a balanced hop aroma leaving a crisp, clean and refreshing finish . Did you know that Heineken Lager contains just three n atural ingredients? Water, malted barley, and hop extracts . Thats it. Yeast is an important part of the brewing process, but not an ingredient. Heinekens natural A - Yeast is key to making the Heineken you know and love. This traditional 6 - pack of 12 - ounce bottles is perfect for taking to parties or stocking the beer fridge with variety . Include it with your tailgating gear or have some ice - cold Heineken on hand when watching the game at home. 


    The long - told success story of the Heineken Brewery got its origin over 140 years ago. Heineken Lager Beer has been brewed to be the best since 1873, using our original family recipe. A European i mport, we are one of the top beer brands in the world, enjoyed by people in more than 190 countries. Our world - class brewing credentials and heritage have made Heineken a highlight of celebrations, barbecues, and tailgates, or just a reward for a job well done. But theres more behind the red star logo on our label. When your family name is on the label, you care even more. We put a premium on quality with the ingredients and processes we use to continue Gerard Adriaan Heinekens vision from over a century ago to cr eate the perfect beer. E very drop of Heineken beer in the United States is imported from our family - owned brewery in Holland. So, what is the meaning of a lager? There are two major beer types in the world: lagers and ales. Simply put, the yeast in lagers ferments at the bottom of the fe rmentation container, while ale yeasts ferment on the top. Lagers are also generally brewed at cooler temperatures. Lagers typically have a crisper and cleaner flavor than ales, with the light - colored pilsner being a popu lar version. Try Heineken with burgers, tacos, dips, or an appetizer plate of sausages and cheeses. Heineken, the worlds top international premium beer brand is proud to sponsor the UEFA Champions League, the worlds most prestigious club football competi tion. Our relationship with the Champions League dates back to 1994, making us one of their longest standing official partners. Our other soccer sponsorships include Major League Soccer (MLS) and the International Champions Cup, which brings the worlds best clubs to the United States for a pre - season tournament.


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